How do I apply?

To join the Switch Now training programme there are no qualification requirements. Each potential co-worker at Switch Now will undergo an assessment to ensure the programme is right for them and that they are aware of the potential outcomes and expectations from them.

The cost depends on your circumstances. We may be able to help you to apply for grants or funding you may be eligible for. Typical routes are listed below and please get in touch to enquire and obtain a registration form.

Educational Health Care Plan (recognised alternative education provider)

We will need to see a copy of the Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) as well as any relevant documents such as a behaviour plan or reviews (these can usually be obtained by the Local Authority).​

The paperwork will be reviewed by Switch Now and a meeting / visit will be arranged between relevant parties. After this, we will have a planned taster session – if it’s decided at this stage that Switch Now cannot meet an individual’s needs, a professional judgement and alternative guidance will be given by Switch Now.

Once the taster sessions have been completed, a decision will be made to see if Switch Now can meet the needs. If a placement offer is agreed, a funding application will be submitted to Cambridgeshire County Council Panel by Switch Now where the final decision to attend will be made.

Switch Now could offer a 3 day full-time education programme or part-time to link with other providers. This can be tailored to the individual’s needs.

If the Panel decision is successful, then Switch Now will confirm the programme start date. If the panel decision is unsuccessful, then you would need to seek advice from the 14-25 Additional Needs Team.​

Social care needs (LDP, Young Adults and Autism team, Direct Payments)

We will send out a registration form and arrange a meeting / visit between relevant parties.

After the meeting / visit has taken place, planned taster sessions will be arranged.

Once the taster sessions have been competed a decision will be made to see if Switch Now can meet the needs of the individual.

If it is felt that Switch Now can meet the needs, then a start date will be confirmed (pending funding arrangements).

Other routes

You will be referred to our Employment Support team where they may be able to support you with the following:

  • Job searching
  • Employment support (including self-employment)
  • Support / guidance into training or education
  • Access to Work