Employment support & training


Switch Now offers employment support, guidance and training for those individuals that have learning difficulties and or disabilities. The support is offered by our experienced Job Coach and Employment Support staff.

Achieving paid employment can not only broaden the horizons of people with a learning disability but it can also help them to achieve financial and social independence, improve self-esteem and contribute to the economy and a well-rounded society.

If you would like to know more about our employment support, training and guidance offer, then please contact us.


Are you an employer that could offer work experience?

We are looking for employers who are willing to provide short or long term unpaid work placements for our co-workers with special educational needs and disabilities. A placement opportunity can benefit co-workers through: providing new skills, working in a real-life environment and offer a broader view of jobs and the opportunities available.

There is no cost involved to you and support will be provided in many ways by the Job Coach and Employment Support staff. We offer hands on support, adapting paperwork and working practices for the co-worker (if required). We are also there to support your company and staff in order to help create a happy working environment for all. We will assist the co-worker either face to face, by email or whichever mode of communication preferred. Our service is completely free to the employer and will continue to such point that all parties agree that it is no longer required.

  • Co-workers should be able to display social and emotional maturity and be able to manage their emotions and behaviour whilst at work 
  • Co-workers should have the potential to work towards staying on their work placements independently, following appropriate job coaching and preparation
  • Co-workers should be willing and able to work on simple, structured tasks in the workplace, with minimal support from work colleagues or staff
  • Co-workers should be able to display teamwork skills and support for their peers
  • Co-workers should be able to follow the correct health and safety procedures of their work place, after their induction

If you would like to talk about how your company could get involved, then please contact us.